Random Start: Barkmarket, “Shiner”

This song popped up in Random Start two years ago, and since I am of the opinion that nobody is listening to as much Barkmarket as they should, I’m reposting what I wrote back then, in its entirety.

Barkmarket is the best band (most of) you’ve probably never heard of. 

They’re brainchild of Dave Sardy, now a sought-after engineer/producer/mixer/composer who’s probably worked on some of your favorite records. Despite Sardy’s notoriety, almost everyone I’ve ever asked about them (save a few musicians who have a soft spot for early 90’s rock) has:

a) gotten confused/been amused by the name,

b) had no idea they ever existed,

and c) absolutely loved them once I played them a few tracks. 

That was me when Jay from Hopesfall introduced me to Barkmarket’s music back on Warped Tour in 2005. Since then they’ve become on of my favorite bands, and they’ve been a huge inspiration in writing and recording heavier music. I highly recommend their album, “L Ron” to start with. It has elements of blues, southern rock, punk, metal, grunge, hardcore and more, mashed together in a really heavy, really raw, and wonderfully recorded package. The tones on that record are amazing. It’s one of my favorite sounding records ever. Highly recommended.

Listen to more Barkmarket.

Buy L Ron here.

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