I wanted to wait for a high quality picture, but I just can’t.
This is my new rig, A/B/Y Switch between a Fender twin and a Mesa Dual Rectifier through an Avatar 2x12 with GT12-75’s.  (The present was the Avatar 2x12, speakerless)

I LOVE 2X12s.  Mostly this one, but It just sounds awesome.  It sounds so perfect. It cleaned up my tone immensely.
Also, the way I have it all connected from my pedalboard (I have a stereo delay and a stereo reverb) I have discovered some AWESOME FEATURES.

Obvious stuff: Ping pong delay back and forth between each amp and all that junk. But the coolest part is whenever I use my looper, whichever amp I am playing through when I make the loop is the one it continues to play through, even if I switch amps.  So I can run a loop through the twin and then play over it through the mesa/avatar.  IT’S NEAT.  and it works with the “infinite delay” type stuff. so I can have washed out noise through one and play a part over it through the other amp.  It rules.

and a cool little glitch is whenever I run the delay in stereo, even if I am only playing through one amp, the delay still goes through the other amp. (Only when I am running the stereo Pan mode on my delay pedal).  

I knew this was going to rule, but I didn’t know it was going to rule this much WOO.

(I am going to feel like such a bastard every time I set up this rig at every show I play now.  I hope I prove myself worthy of this gear when we play live) 

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